On the German Soccer Skills camps we ensure only proven, trained and experienced staff is in charge. We hire the best football technique coaches (1 coach tied to clubs of the Bundesliga per, maximally, 4 players), a Spanish coach responsible for the training through games, motor skills coaches, sports psychologists, English teachers, camp counsellors and a manager.


At all the camps, the German coaches are responsible for the formation through games and the Spanish coaches tied to the Primera División are responsible for the soccer technique.

To date, the coaches we have collaborated at our camps have been tied to the clubs, such as: Real Madrid, Sevilla FC, Granada FC, Atletic Bilbao, Getafe CF, Valencia CF, FC Koln, Bayern Munich and to many others.



Football technique training sessions are held in small groups of 4 players, which is why the coach has the possibility of constantly focusing on each detail and correcting the mistakes.

After only one week you can observe elimination of bad soccer habits and better understanding of each exercise.