From Passion to Perfection

We work for the youngsters that train in our camps become better football players.

German Soccer Skills is a social project whose objective is developing and spreading trainings of football for children and youngsters. The project is developed in some complementary areas that are part of a complex solution.

More than 20000 players from some countries all around the world have already trained with us.


International project

German Soccer Skills is an international project of professional training of children and adolescents of ages 7 to 19 years old in soccer.

The project is based on the system of Soccer Skills PRO – a modern, extensive and coherent system of traning characterised by its own vision of formation, methodology, experience and its proven training efficacy.

The tools elaborated by Spanish, German and Dutch experts make it possible to evaluate skills of football players and to point out areas in which they should get better. 

Reward and promote footballing talents

The development of the football potential in young players, as well as prizing and promoting their soccer talents, is the main objective of German Soccer Skills.

Through our project we organize the biggest football camps in Europe in countries such as: Germany, Spain or Poland. More than 20.000 football players from all around the world have participated in the project in these countries since 2007.

During the camps, special tests are conducted for every player, so it is possible to assess their football potential and point out areas that should be improved.

Integration of the entire environment of football

At German Soccer Skills camps, all the football environment have an opportunity of getting to know each other and work together.

Both girls and boy, who normally train in different sports clubs all round the world, train with us. Some of them are tied to professional clubs, and the others have just started out in the football world.