German Soccer Skills is based in a training system developed by Soccer Skills Pro that includes all the training for youngsters from 7 to 19 years old. This system is a modern tool that uses periodicity in the learning process of all the elements: tactical, technical, physical and mental preparation. We train them taking into account the 4 phases of the game: the attack, the transition from an offensive position to a defensive position, defense and the transition from a defensive position to an offensive position. This complexity of the Soccer Skills Pro system results in a training of intelligent players so that not only they learn their own tasks, but also the tasks of the whole team.


Training system Soccer Skills PRO includes:

  • Motorics
  • Personality
  • Technique
  • Tactics
  • About yourself

Tasks are performed as a warm up, preparing a player for the main part. Its purpose is to extensively prepare the organism providing multiple stimuli.


Those issues from the mental sphere are performed during the whole training. Mainly, in terms of personality special care is given to raising an obedient player with a sense of fair-play.


Performed in a form of training in groups of four as well as in small games.  The small groups division allows the coach to catch the details which often decide if the player achieves the best of his/her ability.


Its main task is the intellectualization of the player as well as creating a habit of making optimal decisions. It’s performed mainly in the last part of the training.

About yourself

Encompasses awareness about player’s strengths and  weaknesses as well as awareness of how to apply each exercise in a game.


Training unit lasts 90 minutes and consists of 7 minutes cycles of exercises and 3 minutes of active break.

It’s a proportion of work to rest which is respected during Soccer Skills PRO system training. Time differs depending on the level of the work intensity which influences the time dedicated to active break. Work proportions for Polish Soccer Skills are established based on research of dr Piotr Wiśnik.

Refleceted match conditions

Training unit according to Soccer Skills PRO system is prepared based on match conditions adjusted to every age group. Right during the games in groups of four, we prepare players to deal with time pressure, we get them familiar with the area and the game of the opponent. We pay attention to the moment of taking the decision by the player and his partners  when handling the ball as well as behaviour when receiving the ball by the opponent. Licensed coaches of Polish Soccer Skills expect creative solutionperformed by the players. Coaches do not show their protégées a ready-made solution of each situation, they simply guide them towards the right line of approach. This causes that the way of training becomes even more effective and in match conditions results in independent power of decision of the players.

Active break

Break according to Soccer Skills PRO system is active. It is necessary to lower the intensity of the exercises but at the same time to be all the time in the movement and to correct the ball control which is the base for the other skills. Hydration is the key aspect because water is essential for the organism to function properly: to regulate the temperature, circulation of blood and transmitting minerals and nutrients to cells. This time is also devoted to the conversation with the player on topics connected with the training (we discuss the way the next exercise is to be performed or we analyse the former).


A+B+C is a way to build progress in the games used in Soccer Skills PRO system.

We start from the base game so that the players can understand the organisation and its basic aims. Next, we introduce progression by which we guide the players towards broader execution of tasks and pay more detailed attention to particular elements of the training. In the last phase we take care about reminding players what they worked on before but in reference to the proper game. Players use the skills they have learned in the right moment (decision making in the right place and time).  The last phase which we conduct during the training is any game which is a verification of previously done work.