The evaluation of players is made by a team of  Polish Soccer Skills coaches and it’s a multistage process. The foundation are special and general physical fitness tests. Results of those tests are the basis for an objective determination of each player’s potential in order to avoid subjective opinions of individual coaches. Special physical fitness tests concern technical abilities of particular players. They include juggling tests, passing accuracy tests, ball dribbling in straight line as well as turning with the ball tests.
In turn, general physical fitness tests are made in order to determine mobility potential of the player. They are very important, especially in younger age categories. Based on the results of the test, it is possible to predict if the player will easily acquire specialist skills to play football or if he will have more problems compared to the other player whose level of special physical fitness is the same but his general physical fitness deviates significantly from the standards.
Analysing the results from above mentioned tests, the Polish Soccer Skills Potentiometer has been created and it precisely determines the skills level of each player. Thanks to this, a Polish Soccer Skills coach basing on the results of particular tests can clearly conclude at what stage an individual player is, check his maximum skills level and also personalise a training which purpose is to make him reach the peak of his ability.