German Soccer Skills organise professional football camps during which you can take care of the individual development of football skills.


Every day:

  • 3 hours of football training sessions: 1-hour technical and coordination training session in groups of 1 coach and 4 players, 1-hour of training games 4x4 in groups of  1 coach and 4 players, 1 hour of training games with Spani coaches of the Primera Division.
  • 1-hour session with sports psychologist
  • 1-hour motor skills training session
  • 1-hour foreign language class ( football language learning, English)

Additionally, during the camp:

  • a visit to the Borussia Dortmund stadium
  • a visit to the Football Museum
  • regeneration at the swimming pool
  • tactical sessions
  • theoretical classes about the nutrition and regeneration
  • motor skills tests
  • initial skills tests defining the level of skills
  • final skills tests – classifying the best players, who are awarded with a training camp in Italy
  • final lecture of a sports psychologist for the parents

Sports activities elaborated by Polish Soccer Skills have been consulted with a sports educationalist. Both the extend and the intensity of the sports activities have been consulted depending on the age and the skills of the children.


Football technique training sessions are held in small groups of 4 players, which is why the coach has the possibility of constantly focusing on each detail and correcting the mistakes. After only one week you can observe elimination of bad soccer habits and better understanding of each exercise.


Apart from the kits, for the camp period you will receive also: a raincoat, a polo shirt, a cap, a shoe bag; and for you to keep: two Adidas Entrada kits with a Spanish Soccer Skills logo. Additionally, we will print your last name on the T-shirts. :)

Warning! The clothing chosen specially for you and by you during the registration, will not be exchanged and it will not be possible to return it.




Since we had observed the need of bringing the support for the parents of young football players, we decided to organise a lecture by a sports psychologists for the parents. We want to show to the parents how they can help their children in practice. We are also going to speak about all the obstacles that your children may face while developing their talents. We are going to explain how to stay a parent and not become a coach :)


Each player will receive not only the Camp Accomplishment Certificate, but also a special book with an individual skills profile description. Assessment of the football skills and features is made by the coaches in charge and psychologists. During a solemn camp-ending event, parents may speak to the staff about their own child.