We invite both the girls and the boys of ages 7 to 19 years old to the German Soccer Skills camp independently of the level of their soccer skills and independently of the club they train in on everyday basis.

Both the goalkeepers and the field players are welcome to the camps.

Skills tests

On the first day of the camp the initial skills tests will be run, and the players will form groups of four persons on the basis of the tests results. Thus, it is not possible for an advanced-level player to train with a weaker player.

More than 20.000 playersfrom the whole world have participated in our camps.

It is a place where all the football environment can integrate itself, independently of different clubs the players come from.

Evaluation of potential player

German Soccer Skills camps guarantee high-quality football formation and the best sports centres.

Not only we offer the comprehensive training of all the fields of the player's skills but we can also assess their potential. The best players will be awarded with a training trip abroad.

We make it possible for the most gifted players to get noticed by the world of football.